Breaking down barriers, borders and budgets

18 February 2020

Welcome to a New Era of Fully-Virtualized Post-Production Editing.

EVA (Edit Virtually Anywhere) is arguably the world’s first fully-virtualised, post-production editing solution that delivers groundbreaking results through its effective implementation for film & TV productions of any scale.

With many production houses suffering the negative effects of dwindling budgets, while working in overdrive to satisfy the on demand market, the industry has been long awaiting a television reboot. Companies need to remain agile and dynamic by scaling up and down as required with very quick turnarounds.

Welcome to the new way of working. An environment where film & TV production companies can now edit their footage through a Virtual Desktop Interface from anywhere in the world.

EVA Has Arrived!

Developed by BRAVEChannels, a Johannesburg-based broadcasting solutions provider, EVA delivers production tools to editors wherever they are, enabling round-the-clock editing. Isn’t it time your company made the switch from costly in-house and third party post-production facilities, to the more cost effective, versatile and always-on EVA interface?

How EVA Works?

EVA puts powerful, virtual workstations into your team’s hands, giving them complete autonomy over where and when to work and on any computer Mac or PC, old or new. It removes the expensive cost of hiring additional post-production facilities. Footage is stored and accessed on a centralised cloud storage, while ensuring unsurpassed security and access to your valuable content and IP. EVA users can effortlessly distribute their media anywhere in the world for private viewing or broadcast purposes. It’s as simple as that!

Survivor South Africa - Season 7 (2019)

Survivor South Africa – Season 7 (2019)

From Sandton to Samoa – EVA Survives (and Thrives)

When planning the most recent season of Survivor – South Africa with the vision to recreate the same awesome production value as the American version, Afrokaans Film & Television entrusted EVA to empower post-production editors with the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any computer. Through the Virtual Desktop Interface technology being utilised, only encrypted pixels are transferred over the network, not huge video files, requiring very little bandwidth. The production’s seven editors each had remote access to their own virtual workstation running a complete video-editing suite, including Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere. With footage available to edit in a shared environment, the producers could hire editors in other time zones if they needed— effectively increasing the number of editing hours in a day.

This allowed Afrokaans to keep the focus on storytelling and artistic value, while EVA took care of their post-production hardware and software requirements.

Make the Switch to EVA Today

There’s never been a better time for your company to migrate over to EVA’s virtual post-production solution. Imagine logging in from literally anywhere, to make use of a full-scale, post production software package. Switch over today and work “happily EVA after” while continuing to deliver exceptional production value to your clients.

Client Testimonial

“The EVA solution and support from BRAVEChannels help us to achieve results of the highest international standards.”
Handrie Basson – Executive Producer (Survivor South Africa) | Founder: Afrokaans Film & Television