Current Perspective: September 2019

3 September 2019

BraveChannels are uniquely positioned on the global stage with the efforts to date regarding the virtualisation of Video Post-Production facilities through an offering called EVA (Edit Virtually Anywhere)

The current infrastructure & technology available today has enabled the opportunity for this offering to become reality and deliver valuable results through its effective implementation for productions of any scale.

BraveChannels have worked closely with the production company producing the latest series of Survivor South Africa for M-Net. The production made 100% use of the BraveChannels EVA offering for their post production editing requirements.

BraveChannels has partnered with industry leaders from around the world to put together the EVA solution and take it to market. Each of the partners have shown significant interest and provided invaluable support towards the project to date.

It has been expressed by many as being a world first in terms of full virtualisation for a production of the size of Survivor.