Film & TV productions can now edit their footage through a Virtual Desktop Interface from anywhere in the world.


±1 Petabyte

Online high speed storage at our disposal in a fully scalable volume.

±100 Virtual Suites

Available all with their own unique secure logins.

LTO 7 and 8

Archiving available with in EVA.

Client Testimonials

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The Cloud solution was a silver lining - Editing on the cloud during lockdown really saved the post production. The process was quite amazing and really made no difference to our workflow, enabling us to link together on a network seamlessly.

Chad Merriman

Senior Editor - The Voice Francophone

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any specific questions? Hope these help.

Is my content safe?

Yes, all content is stored behind a managed firewall only accessible through the single login with username and password. Support staff do require access to platforms for support calls

What Do I need to get started?

Any workstation (Zero Client) with an internet connection with minimum bandwidth of 20mb/s and a login. Access Software is downloaded for free online.

What is a zero client?

A basic workstation that has internet access, also referred to as a thin client sometimes. This is the PC, Mac, Laptop that you use to access the edit platform, does not need to be high spec at all and can be an outdated machine.

What type of connectivity do I require?

Depending on your editing style, here are some examples that can guide you on your requirement, although the connection can be used over wifi it is not recommended due to packet loss which will cause jitters. For offices, each login does require its own public IP address.

  • Single screen - 25mb/s download, 5/10mb/s upload -wired
  • Dual screen, no full screen video - 35mb/s download, 5/10mb/s upload - wired
  • Dual screen, full screen video - 50mb/s download, 5/10mb/s upload - wired

Can I do online grading on the system?

Yes, although a grading monitor with SDI is not supported through the PCoIP software.

Can I use my grading panel?

Most panels are supported, please contact support to confirm your model and usage.

Can I add to my footage from my Zero Client?

We have a high speed Signiant delivery engine that can be used to get urgent / last minute content into the system. Simply upload with this directly into the datacenter where it will be checked and added to your storage allocation.

How do I do my sound design / final mix?

The system can be used for final mix, depending on the software package required, this would be an additional seat. Alternatively we can facilitate audio mixes through our network of operators already on the system. Thirdly you can make use of the Signiant portal to send OMF / AAF and low res content to an independent final mix operator.

How can I deliver to broadcasters?

You are welcome to use the Signiant portal for high speed delivery or simply use the broadcaster delivery portal (Aspera / Resilio / Signiant) and log on from the system to send. We have plenty of bandwidth available for this.

Can I get approvals from my client from within the system?

We have a similar viewing portal to Frame I/O within the system which can be set up to deliver the content to a preselected list of email addresses and will alert them when its ready for viewing, it will also let you know once they have viewed. Otherwise Frame I/O or other online portal can be used by simply logging on from within the system.


We look forward to partnering with you and working together to achieve greater success for all your productions.